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Organic, biodegradable, minimally designed


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Choose what (pads, tampons, or both), how much, and how often you’d like a delivery. Modify your subscription whenever you like – with free shipping, no minimum spend and flexibility to cancel anytime.

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Wait for the postman

Feel smug when your subscription is auto-delivered straight to your mailbox each month. The days of dashing to the supermarket for emergency tampons are over.

Step 3

Feel good

Pat yourself of the back knowing that with each delivery, you’re supporting Australian women in need through our partnerships with Youth Off The Streets and Share The Dignity. You’re also contributing to less landfill, thanks to our compostable packaging and organic products.

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Mental load got you down? Take one thing off your list each month with a set-and-forget tampon and pad subscription. Subscribe today and enjoy free delivery, with no minimum order, and the flexibility to cancel at any time.

Select any three products...
Select any three products...
Select any three products...
Select any three products...

Select any three products...


Subscribe to any three products for $18, including delivery. 

Choose any combination of three products and select your delivery frequency to suit your cycle, and we'll deliver for free! You can amend your plan or combination via your account at any point. 

Certified organic tampons and pads, with compostable and recyclable packaging, minimal design, they’ll look as good in your bathroom as they do in your bag.

What You’ll Get: 100% GOTS organic cotton sourced from Istanbul, Turkey.

What You Won’t Get: GMOs, Pesticides, Polyester, Fragrances, Dyes, Chlorine, Chloroform, Pthalalates or anything you wouldn’t want around your lady parts.

When you subscribe, you'll get your first month for free by using the code FIRSTFREE at the checkout. 


What people say matters...

Loving it!

Bridget Kovats, NSW

I am loving My Easy Life. There is nothing to think about! The fact that your delivery is free and there is no minimum spend if you just need a couple of extra tampons to see you through the month. Thank you Mel!

The best

Natalie Mitchell, QLD

MEL is the best! Super easy to subscribe and now I don't have to make a last minute trip to the store for tampons. I also love knowing I'm not letting yuck toxins into my body every month.


Emma, Sydney

My order arrived at my door the day before my period did. Certainly made my life easier.