Morning Routines... a beautiful thing

Morning Routines... a beautiful thing

Some of the most influential and successful people in the world are creatures of habit and legit put their success (or at least some of it) down to simplifying their decision making by creating structure and routine in their life! 

Life is chaotic at the best of times and we are all guilty of attempting to juggle too many things at once, agreeing to too many things and having to make too many decisions. What goes unnoticed is just how impactful this is on our mental state and health. It’s only until the wheels fall off the mental load wagon, that we take a moment to consider why we are such a shambles. 

Naturally, for a lot of people, the next step is to find some sense and structure in what has become an illegible unmanageable mess of life tasks. For us this comes in the form of a to-do list. MANY to-do lists. 

Whatever the method, what is imperative is that it creates structure. What helps with structure is routine. 

Routine allows you to optimize your daily life and as career coach and writer Marty Nemko puts it’s, “modern life, increasingly defined by unpredictability, can be anxiety-provoking, and routines provide an anchor of predictability.”

Our whole days don’t feel like they can be structured into a consistent routine, but what we can do is apply it to our mornings if nothing else. Sure, sometimes we’re at an early meeting or the weather doesn’t permit certain activities, but there is a structure to follow. 

We love hearing other people’s morning routines, and particularly love to hear how it contributes to their daily success or mental state. So here we share with you our morning routines… 


I love mornings. It hasn’t always been the case, but for the last few years I’ve seen them as ‘me time’ and prior to having a baby they were a very productive and self fulfilling time. Whilst it’s a bit (a lot) different now, there is a formula I like to follow.

I’m hopeful Riley will sleep until 6.30AM and I will be woken by her morning toy jibberish at which point either myself or partner will collect her from her cot and bring her into bed with us. This is the only guaranteed family time we have in a day, and despite there being more productive things to do with the next 15-20 minutes, we surrender ourselves to cuddle time with our daughter. 

On the verge of my breastfeeding journey almost ending, I now savour a short feed, then my partner gets Riley up and dresses her while I get ready for either the day, or exercise - NB this is the only decision that has to be made in the morning. If exercise is on the cards, it will either be a gym session and pool swim or a walk down to the ocean for a swim. 

Exercise of any kind of accompanied by podcasts. My fave is the Ultimate Health Podcast (nerd), and I really enjoy utilising the time for some simultaneous learning (seriously, nerd). 

If it’s not an exercising day, we all walk and get a coffee together, before having breakfast together at home. Our breakfasts are pretty consistent and my partner usually whips up our mushrooms and avo on toast whilst I feed Riley a smorgasboard of stuff far more elaborate than my own meals. Most of her meals are premade on the weekends in bulk so no decision making is required, but with nutrition as a big part of my life, putting together her meals and feeding her is actually an enjoyable part of my days.

On exercise days, the coffee trip happens after breakfast and usually coincides with me starting work and we walk down to my office (yes, I live 5 mins from work), collect Steph and go get coffee together before all get started for the day. NB - Riley is at home with her grandparents, not abandoned. Hallelujah grandparents. 

And then I’m hitting the emails and making a to-do list...


I also love mornings, but having a toddler really throws a spanner in the morning routine. I’ve been trying desperately to get back into a routine after spending the last 12 months travelling between the coast and Sydney on some desperate attempt to be outside the city and clear my head.

My morning routine really depends on the day and where I am - no matter where that is, walking is mandatory. 

On a typical work day, my alarm goes off at 6.30am (Ziggy usually sleeps until 7am so this is my own time - I know, I’m one of those annoying people with a child that sleeps, don’t murder me). I do a really quick email scan before I get up - it’s crossing a boundary but I almost always can’t help myself. I get up and put on ABC Breakfast while I make a coffee (I’m a Moccona Mocca Kenya kinda gal myself - shock me, yes I drink instant first thing in the morning before the coffee shops open, don’t judge me!) It may seem like I’m 65 years old at this point, but it does get better.

I’m obsessed with my new essential oil diffuser, so I turn that on with an Oil Garden Stress Relief blend in it and I’m basically ready for world domination.

I jump in the shower, I’ve switched to using mostly all natural products - Eco by Sonia Driver is my most recent purchase and then just Almond Oil infused with Lavender and Tea Tree when I jump out. Then I’m out the door.

In summer, I’m off to Clovelly Beach for a quick dip either with Al or on my own before I head into the office and there is even a yoga class thrown in there either before or after work. I walk to work / the beach so that’s usually around half an hour to an hour of listening time. Sometimes I listen to podcasts - my faves at the moment are Jenny Cooney’s Aussie’s in Hollywood and Anthony Meindel Interviews.They are usually film, entertainment or business related podcasts. 

Mostly though, I listen to music to get my day started - sometimes I put on a Jazz playlist because I have this weird thing about walking around the modern world with music from a different era in my ears. At the moment, though, I’ve got Skegss, Grimes, The Rolling Stones, The Rubens and a bit of Kayne on high rotation.

When I get to work, I make breakfast - usually something boring like Oats and I grab my KeepCup and stroll down to Village on Cloey for my morning barista fix (I try to avoid all the sweet treats on my way up to the counter, sometimes I’m unsuccessful).

By this time it’s around 8.30am / 9am and I’m in the office, sifting through emails, reading local trade news and the morning New Yorker bulletin and writing an extensive to do list. My days are usually soundtracked by Triple J - but occassionally our assistant’s will choose a nostalgic playlist which may or may not include Fall Out Boy and the Spice Girls. 

If I do not start the day with a list, I’m more than likely going to go around in circles for the rest of the day, accomplishing nothing and taking 14 hours to complete very menial tasks. Lists are everything.

By the way, I haven’t forgotten about my child - she’s either with her Nanny (grandma) or her Dad - I’m trying to reclaim mornings so that I don’t fall into a rut of forgetting who I am outside of businesses and mum life. It’s a tricky juggle sometimes.