Self Care Sunday (if you can fit it all in)

Self Care Sunday (if you can fit it all in)

Reading... by Al

Fiction: Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Gail Honeyman

(Buy HERE second hand)

This is a debut novel for Gail and all I wish is that I was this good at anything I did the first time around. This is such a joyful read. I haven’t been this obsessed with a character for a really long time. Eleanor is so relatable and almost unrealistically real. The outsider, that’s just a little bit odd in every way, is the most lovable and enjoyable leading lady to follow. She makes you cringe, roll your eyes and shake your head so much while simultaneously figuring out who is the Eleanor in your life you now love just a little bit more. Get your hands on it for a relaxing weekend!!


Non-Fiction: Wellness Magazine

We all need a good magazine to tuck into every now and then, and Wellness covers every topic of, well, wellness in its quarterly editions. Mental health, nutrition, parenting, physical health, biology, psychology and more. The beauty of these magazines is that the information doesn’t expire; so keep it on hand and you can always call upon the words of wisdom and life tips when you most need them. The latest edition tackled an article all about Being yourself: the role of your life and it got me thinking, deeply. Scary. But a little introspect and consideration about how you live your life can only be doing some good, right?

Outdoors... by Al

Swim: Gordon’s Bay, Sydney

It’s finally that time again and we are readying our swimmers and probably shaving our legs. We can’t recommend more highly to go and invest $20 in a pair of goggles and head down to Gordon’s Bay in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, dive right in the deep end and find yourself chasing groupers, sting rays and all kinds of surprising sea life from city to seaside! 


Beauty... by Steph

I've recently been on a rampage to discard all of my toxic beauty products and lessen my waste at home. 

As someone prone to hormonal break outs and blackheads, I was reluctant to try something different on my face, but I've managed to find a couple of really easy homemade recipes that work and leave my skin feeling really fresh and clean. 

I've been doing a 2 Step Cleansing routine and have really noticed a difference in my skin - it was dehydrated and a bit sad looking and in a couple of weeks, I've managed to get a bit of brightness back!

Step 1 - Oil Cleanse

I was skeptical about this because oil makes my face break out. But after a lot of research, I've figured out that an oil cleanse like Jojoba & Rosehip oils can actually remove bad oil from your skin, promote more good natural oil and reduce blackheads.

I love this oil from The Jojoba Company and I use reusable face wipes (you can make them at home with cut up old t-shirts or towels).

Step 2 - Natural Foaming Face Wash

What you'll need:

A pump bottle (I kept my old cleanser pump bottle)
1/4 cup unscented Dr Bronner's Liquid Castile Soap (dilute using the instructions on the bottle)

10-15 drops Essential Oils - a blend of Lavender & Geranium is what I use (to combat ageing) but you could also use antibacterial oils like Chamomile or Tea Tree if your skin is prone to acne break outs.

If you have sensitive skin, make sure you patch test before using.

Exercise... by Al

Fluid Form Pilates

Founded and operated by Pilates guru, Kirsten King, with studios in both Waterloo and Clovelly, Fluid Form is now my new obsession. Reformer Pilates is the most amount of simultaneous torture and satisfaction I’ve experienced in a while. I can’t speak more highly of how good I feel after punishing every muscle in my body, and all in a speedy 45 minutes! 

You can book one off classes, purchase packages and she even offers a brilliant ‘at home’ membership for $49/mnth, supplying you with equipment you need (NB: not a full reformer, don’t be crazy) and video instructions. 

Eating... by Al

The latest 'thing' in my household is the Apocalypse Challenge (thanks Sarah Wilson). It's simple, when it comes to meal time check out what you've got and without making a trip to a store and purchasing any additional food you make what you can from what you've got. 

I am an average cook at best, but this encourages creativity and a better understanding of food and combinations. It supports mindful eating, and I become hyper aware of what is going into my meals when I do this. Is there enough nutrition, am I missing any critical macro or micro nutrients? 

It forces you to use up food in the house, minimise waste and unnecessary purchases. Once you've done it once, I encourage you to try again the following day, and again... see how long you can do it before you start actually drinking water for dinner. At this point, go get some food. 

Listen... by Al

Podcast: The Ultimate Health Podcast ep. 321 Neil Pasricha

This is one of my fave podcasts for everything health and wellbeing. In this episode Jesse and Marnie chats with, Neil Pasricha, a New York Times bestselling author all about living intentionally. His new book, You Are Awesome, is changing the way we view failure and helping us build resilience. I took some great things away from this podcast, in particular, a morning routine of 3 simple prompts to get your day started optimally, and a slightly morbid but eye opening way to get a handle on certain situations, will this matter on my deathbed? I recommend a list on your next walk (around Gordon's Bay, if you will). 

Music: Hey, I’m Just Like You, Tegan and Sara (2019)

Ninth in their discology, Tegan and Sara, have released another cracker, showcasing just how bloody talented they’ve been since youth (I’m not jealous at all). Revisiting their teen years, they revive music they wrote during school, whilst tactically simultaneously releasing their first memoir High School. It’s a short but sweet listen, this album and I’ll be royally pissed if I’m out of the country for this tour again. About as pissed as I was when I missed seeing them with Taylor Swift BY.ONE.DAY.

Happy weekending!

Al & Steph x