The Corona Period: We’re here for you

The Corona Period: We’re here for you

We agree it’s an outrage that we still have to have our period during a global pandemic. Covid-19 is less than forgiving to the reality of the monthly cycle. And while the whole world panicked about their stock of loo roll, in an excess entirely unnecessary, there hasn’t been a great deal of attention on other sanitary items equally as important and we could argue WAY more terrifying to run out of. 

So has Covid-19 impacted the supply of pads and tampons? In the US, Amazon actually sold out of tampons, and with manufacturing facilities heavily based in Europe and the Americas and their operations obviously taking a huge hit, it’s not much wonder. 

In Australia, brands like Tom Organic ran dry of some of their products, having to focus their stock on existing customers only. We took note as we walked the shopping aisles and noticed considerably emptier shelves, a limit of items per person and prices hiking! 

Some have spoken up in rage and upset toward those that hoarded, that with a loyalty to specific brands due to issues such as skin sensitivities, and empty shelves, it’s a distressing time. We hear you, skin irritation ON TOP of your period is a big “F You”. Those having babies are unable to find maternity pads, and as mothers with an all too fresh memory of post childbirth bleeding, we just can’t cope with the thought of that. 

At My Easy Life, we’re observing and acknowledging the change in buying behaviour, and we really do want to help however we can. We appreciate a lot of people have seen a significant change to their income and of course, we all despise the grocery store now, right!? People in there can’t socially distance for some reason!

So you can rest easy…We’re fully stocked with 100% organic cotton pads and tampons. 

For $18 including delivery, you can select ANY three products of your choice (from night pads, day pads, super tampons and regular tampons) to suit your cycle, every one, two or three months. 

In development, we’re looking to source and stock menstrual cups, liners and maternity pads. But of course, as a small locally run business, it’s a big investment to do so. Stick around and we’ll have updates on this throughout the year.