5 Things that Contribute to Women's Wellbeing

5 Things that Contribute to Women's Wellbeing


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To kick off, we thought we'd start with...


We think we know what it is, and we all want it right? But have you actually ever considered what it is to you and whether you are working to achieve it?

Without sounding all high and mighty, as women in business (two businesses to be exact!), with children (it’s a little much, right?)... we have a lot of opinions and feelings about Women’s Wellbeing.

We’ve been lucky enough to watch our relationship evolve from colleagues, to friends, to business partners and now to life partners. Along the way, we have done everything together; socialised, busted our asses, tried to 'network' (the scariest thing there is), become business owners twice over, travelled for work, lived in each other's pockets, experienced our pregnancies, births and children’s lives, gone through financial difficulties, mental health problems and all the the highs and lows in between.

It’s become supremely evident to both of us in the last 4 years of our lives how important our health and wellbeing is. Physical and mental. We readily admit we are terrible at prioritising this sometimes and there are days we don’t eat, drink water and sleep is very minimal AND we will probably cry or yell about something.

BUT, what has happened in the last 4 years (despite the above) is how much more acutely aware and smart we have become about our health. We honestly believe it’s because it HAD to become aware and sometimes we need to regroup on our health to ensure we aren’t spiralling out of control.

Cue midday walk to the beach and smoothie stop.

To us, wellbeing is the holistic feeling of vitality and happiness in any given moment. We aren’t unrealistic and we know it can’t be upheld 100% of the time, but we are constantly working on it.  To us there are some critical elements that contribute to our wellbeing and things all women should consider evaluating.

1. Eating with a purpose

Since embarking on more nutrition education, we’ve made our daily lives and meals a little more focussed on ensuring we consume nutritious food. What we eat has the capacity to heal or hinder our health and we are in control of making more nutritious decisions and maximising every meal.

How colourful can we make a meal? How can we make something fermented work? How many ingredients can we fit in our NutriBullet? Where is the nearest Kombucha? We’ve managed to turn our tiny office kitchenette into a pretty extensive lunch cook up and, believe us, we have tried every coconut wrap, bun and bread alternative fad under the sun.

2. The Outdoors

Ever heard of Biophilia? It’s the healing power of Mother Nature; how we thrive in the outdoors, it makes us appreciate the little things and improves our mood and relationships. Not to mention how critical Vit D is to our health. It helps our skin (when it’s treated in moderation) and hormones and most importantly our serotonin levels, which ultimately makes us happy!

We are fortunate enough to both live and work by the beach and we make it part of our daily lives to get outdoors and breathe some fresh air. An added bonus if we can jump in the ocean too! It’s remarkable what half an hour outside can do for you and your mental health and what clarity it brings.

3. Ditching the chemicals

If you ever find yourself looking in Al’s bathroom cabinet you would assume her life is sponsored by MooGoo - the all natural personal care that quite literally covers every component of her beauty regime. We’ve slowly but surely moved away from products with chemicals or toxins that aren’t good for us. Our skin is an organ, our biggest organ in fact and it’s responsible for so many roles including protecting us and absorbing nutrients among a million other things. It’s imperative we look after it and we should be supporting its functions.

Tip: start with one product at a time. This doesn't have to be an overhaul and it doesn't have a be expensive. Keep it simple. Question - do I NEED it? 

4. Being kind to ourselves

Since starting our own businesses, ‘Imposter Syndrome’ has been on the tip of our tongues and the front of our minds. There are multiple mini to large scale meltdowns in our office on the reg and it takes many pow wows to talk us off the ledge. But slowly we are improving at self belief and confidence. We are learning to be kinder to ourselves and believing that no dream is too big and that we are worthy of our dreams. It’s a long road but we work hard at reminding ourselves we are good people, good mothers and good at what we do. We are not flawless, we are human and we make mistakes. We have to remind ourselves on a daily basis to  ignore the people who say we can’t do it all. We often find ourselves in a state of complete appreciation doing what we love, with people we love and kicking goals.

5. Movement

Lifting weights, running, swimming or yoga isn’t for everyone, but there is something that works for you. All that matters is moving. And moving in a way you enjoy is even better. Even when the early morning wake up burns, the way you feel after that exercise is totally worth it. Let’s not all pretend we don’t remember that exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy (the wise words of Elle Woods). But seriously, exercise actually gives you energy and improves our mental health, physical health and quality of sleep. We’ll admit it can be hard to fit in around business, babies and day to day life but even if it’s just a walk it’s doing you a world of good!

We'd love to hear your tips on what improves your wellbeing! Comment below or send us an email hello@myeasylife.com.au.