About Us

My Easy Life (MEL) was launched by co-founders Stephanie Pringle and Alison Fowler, two Sydneysiders with a drive to do something positive for Australian vaginas, and the environment.

Like most young-Australians, Steph and Al have been taking steps to make their lives more eco-friendly and less toxic, without sacrificing on design and convenience. Glancing down the supermarket aisle, the duo discovered some of the tampons and pads on the shelf were made with unnecessary chemicals and most were packaged in non-biodegradable plastics.

That’s when they decided to create MEL, working with sustainable suppliers to develop an organic, biodegradable and sleek tampon and pad subscription service with a social conscious.

In addition to running MEL, Steph and Al also work together leading Australia’s fastest growing casting agency and are mum’s with about as much free time as you have – making the automated delivery function of MEL one of their favourite features.