Our Products

Certified organic tampons and pads, with minimal and compostable packaging. With their minimal design, they’ll look as good in your bathroom as they do in your bag.

What You’ll Get: 100% GOTS organic cotton sourced from Istanbul, Turkey.

What You Won’t Get: GMOs, Pesticides, Polyester, Fragrances, Dyes, Chlorine, Chloroform, Pthalalates or anything you wouldn’t want around your lady parts.

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Our Packaging

Our tampons and pads are packaged into recycled cardboard with a small plastic ‘security seal’ - not shrink wrapped in plastic like you’ll find in the supermarket.

They’re then sent via post in 100% compostable Hero Packs, which will break down between 90 days and two years – a huge improvement when compared with the 400 years (or more) it takes for plastic.