A Bigger Purpose

We’re on a mission to reduce waste and end period poverty in Australia. By choosing MEL, you’re supporting local women in need and doing your bit for the environment.

Reducing Our Eco-Footprint

Single-use plastic. Ugh. We understand sometimes it’s a necessary evil from a hygiene and medical perspective, however wherever we can, we’re reducing the amount of plastic women consume per period. All products are packaged in recycled cardboard, and hygienically sealed with a small plastic security tab. They’re then shipped in compostable HeroPacks, which will break down between 90 days and two years – a huge improvement when compared with the 400 years (or more) it takes for plastic.

We’re constantly looking for ways to ensure our packaging is as close to zero-waste as possible. Check back here for updates.

Women in Need

50% of our profit goes to women without access to sanitary products through partnerships with organisations like Share the Dignity. We also work with Youth Off The Streets, supplying their girls’ camps with pads and tampons, and facilitating sex and health education programs specifically for young girls.